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This makes a cute gift but it gave me fits to create. You see, I am not good at math and I could not get my printer to print the template that was on Melanie Schulenburg's blog PocketsofInspiration. So I had to keep starting and stopping the video when it came to scoring and cutting lines. But with my hub's help, I finally got it complete and was able to decorate it. The only reason I really gave this one a try is because Beate Johns featured it on her fresh & fun spot and I thought it's soo pretty I have got to give it a try. But as I said, I could not get the template to print actual size. It does not allow me to set a specific paper size other than the normal sizes. So 8.5 x 12" is out of the question and 8.5 x 11" is too short.
Beate did have a terrific idea for the flap at the top and I thought I had worked it in but when I got to the step where you fold and close the top, I didn't cut my cardstock long enough. No worries though, I just cut a little piece 1 1.5" and glued it on and then punched the corners round and called it a day. I love it! I will attempt again but I think now I have a better idea AND, I can easily take this one apart and use it for my template. FYI to Melanie & Beate, one of you could have added measurements for score lines!!!  Heeheehee.
Thanks ladies for the inspiration.
Thanks for Looking!
T%dles Peeps
Betty aka ZacksNana


Loz said…
So beautiful Betty..Thanks for the link..Loz
Cheryl said…
this is really beautifully done,hun love it hugs cheryl xxxx
Beate said…
Hi Bette,

The measurements on Melanie's template did require some thinking it over. You are right. I should have listed the score measurements on my blog. I will have to print out the template again and do that.
I love your idea of adding candy canes! Darling Treat box card.
Hugs and smiles
This came out really nice!

There is a template available with scoring dimensions on it :-) Look in the freebie group here:

The template is designed for a 8 1/2 x 12 sheet of cardstock.

Thanks for sharing your sample.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow Betty, this is just darling!! Thanks for the to check things out!! HUGS
Betty, I've added measurements and captions to the YouTube Video. It should be helpful.

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