Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am remiss

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've had company since May 19. I am enjoying my family visitors.
Today I am working on birthday cake for my grandson, Cam. The party theme is 007 Skyfall. But Cam is a Broncos fan, so the cake will be orange and navy. Trying to suss out the right shade of navy. What a pain! But I think, after numerous searches I found violet food paste and royal food paste mixed 1 to 1 will give me a jumping off point.

This is the bottom layer  which is the blue. It's crumb coated and ready for black fondant.

Here's the blue layer covered in black fondant and the orange layer covered in red faondant. The "SURPRISE" for Cam will be when he cuts the cake to find his Denver Broncos colors INSIDE the SKYFALL cake!

Almost done. The big dice are made of rice krispies treats and covered with more red fondant. There are red fondant poker chips on the ends of the cake. Some small diamonds and hearts on one front corner and some tiny black dice that together make a Full House!

I have a SKYFALL banner that I will put in place AFTER the 3 1/2 hour drive to Bryan, TX from here.
Next search is how to draw the 007 with the gun. Sheesh! The things we do for our grand kids, LOL
NOTE: I couldn't make that gun out of fondant so I went with the dice instead.

Leaving early tomorrow morning so I am off to bed now.
Betty J Schaub

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Loz said...

Yummu looking cake Betty..Loz


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