Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seamus - a dog and his bone

If you've been following the saga of Seamus McGee then here's another installment for you. If not, them scroll down and look at some cards.

Seamus, who couldn't love that face???
He's such a sweet boy. A dog and his bone... (Needs no more explanation). :O)
Seamus went for his first visit with our veterinarian on Saturday. He tested positive for heartworms. Monday morning he goes in for treatments and will have to stay overnight. I am very concerned for him. He does not do well with separation. I am hoping he will not get so stressed that it will cause issues with the heartworm treatments. We will have to keep him quiet for a month. No long walks, no playing on the floor, no excitement. I worry the anxiety of separation may be too much for him. But I am trying to stay positive. He's just wriggled his way into my heart and I love this big ole bear!
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana

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