SoftPencil's Sneak Peeks - New Releases Coming Soon!

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you all?
Elizabeth is finally at home. She's spent some very beautiful days with her family on vacation! She says the landscape was so inspiring that she found it very inspiring and her creative juices got to flowing. So now she has many new ideas and a sketchbook full of designs. We can´t wait to share them with you! In the next week she´ll be releasing a line of clipart and printables Halloween themed that will be available in her Etsy shop.
• In addition to that, she´ll be releasing new Halloween digital stamps soon. Michu and Ratiny will be mummies! LOL Still so much more coming soon! So stay tuned and check her blog in the days to come for the latest news!
Below are the sneak peeks!
Don't forget to visit Elizabeth's (SoftPencil) shop.
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana


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