CASE-ing Frankie err Vickie :O)

Ok Frankie was too darned cute NOT to CASE. I loved him so much I had to do it! But I added my cute little owl on the inside to boot! So if you want to see Vickie Parson's creation check out her NEW BLOG. Remember to leace us both some love, if you LOVE our creations.

I took Vickie's creation a step further by adding another Top Note die and punched eyes and hand cut crown and beak. Punched a hole in Frankie's head and put a brad in to make it spin. Voila!
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana


Anonymous said…
OMG!! Why aren't you so sweet!! I adore these girl!! You've done a fabulous job and aren't they so fun to make?!

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