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Sorry for the long lapse in posts. I am hoping to get back into creating more cards as the holidays approach.  2015 has been a very rough year for me. As you may recall I had a (benign) tumor removed from my leg in October 2014. With the diabetes it is taking forever to get over this. Although the wound looks healed from the outside there is still a lot of trauma to the nerves in my leg. So I suffer with pain and often times what seems like RLS (restless leg syndrome).  In February my brother's wife (my sister in law) was killed in a freak motor cylcle accident. Then in June my husband's sister (another sister in law) died of cancer. Then in July my niece was 23 weeks pregnant when she developed a kidney stone and her baby had to be delivered too soon, little Izabella Rose passed on July 31. Aside from dealing with all of this, we got an Airedale puppy. WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? Fergus has been quite a challenge for two 50 something year olds who are not very active. We love h…