Foxy Reflection ( Doggie Reflection)

Michelle Zindorf (I AM NOT)! But today in midst of a cold/allergy funk she managed to create a stunning little fox reflected in a pond. Above is my 'far from perfect' take on her image. You can see Michelle's FOXY REFLECTION HERE.
Now there are several things wrong with my card - 1) My sky is too dark. Michelle, remember I had that problem in class too. 2) I didn't have a small doggie. Nor did I have one that was an open detailed image like Michelle's fox. 3) My grass and water lines don't match up. I'll just pass that off as a bit of shore line between. :O) 4) My branches... you figure that one out.

All that said, I really do like it! :O)
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana


Holly said…
this is my 2nd time to try to post a comment - I got an error the first time. I said tht while your card isn't EXACTLY like Michelle's, I really like yours a lot. I like the darker sky. It looks more like nighttime (when foxes would really be out and about), with a full moon. You are great with the gel pen!
Myrt said…
Oh Betty, you are sooooooo clever - what a wonderful job you've done on this card.....BRAVO!

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