Blog Award!!

Hope your Easter was as blessed as mine!
We made a safe round trip and had a lovely visit with my parents, sister, one daughter and grandson, nephew and two neices.

I want to share with you a new blog award for my dear friend Elizabeth Pujalka (SoftPencil).
Thank YOU so much Elizabterh!!! Now I have to list ten things about me...

• I love my family!
• I am quiet for the most part. I listen and try to absorb it all.
• I create from cardstock and pattern papers out. In other words the image is usually the last thign on my mind.
• I LOVE my grandson, Zackary and Chocolate. (NOT always in that order.) :O)
• I love trying new recipes, especially casseroles.
• My hubs is very sweet to me. We've been married 32 years, 4 months and 6 days.
• I´m a very positive person
• I love challenges; sketches, colors, themes. I'll try them all!
• I love to take long road trips on Sunday.
• I collect; birdhouses, chickens and antique rail road and campfire lanterns.

... and I have to pass this award on to ten friends so here I go!

1. Little Princess Cards
2. Linanna Designs
3. Paper Love Affair
4. Mag's Little Things
5. The Paper Artist's Boutique
6. Dana's House of Cards
7. Jazzy's Paper Designs
8. CraftyCat
9. Hog Wild
10. Crafting Life's Pieces

Ok, so I got 10! But I think that's pretty good. Actually there are so many more awesome bloggers out there for me to just go with 10. But I'd be here for days trying to list them all. :O)
Congratulations to all of you! Thanks for always being so inspiring.
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana


Elise said…
Thank you so much Betty! This is so sweet of you! :) I had to laugh when you said you love your grandson Zachary and chocolate, and sometimes not in that order! LMAO!!! That was cute! :) I will proudly wear this on my blog! Thank you again for thinking of me! Have a wonderful day!
Holly said…
Thanks so much Betty!
Anonymous said…
Wow thank you so much for this Award !!! I'm so honoured !!! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you take time to leave on my blog !!!
You're an angel :)
Mag :)
Sarita said…
Thank you so so much for this award and your lovely comments.
Well done for receiving it yourself as well!
Love Sarita xx
Chelsea said…
So sweet of you to include me on your list! Thank you so very much! I appreciate it so much *hugs* ~Chelsea

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