Hello Again, Hello...

Two days out from surgery and I am feeling 75% better. Still sore in spots, but the back and neck pain is all gone now. I have even reconciled myself to drinking those nasty protein shakes without being a grumpy monkey. So keep the prayers, good thoughts and well wishes coming. They are working!!!
Love To All,

P.S. My PPC-CC card is scheduled for Saturday July 24th early morning. I had totally forgotten, I did it last week before I got so sick.

T%dles Peeps!


Holly said…
Glad you're feeling better Betty!
Sarah A said…
Hope you're feeling 100% real soon Betty. Take care of yourself and listen to your body if it tells you to rest (sorry that is the nurse in me giving orders to patients).

Sarah x
Anonymous said…
So glad you are feeling better!

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