Day 6 - Hospital Stay

Woke up feeling great! Thought I might be going home. Then doc. came in and said my WBC is still elevated and basically they will not release me until it is back to normal at 11, mine is 13.6. He says if it's normal on Sunday I should be good to go. Walked the halls and made it down to ICU waiting area. Sat there for about 20 minutes just looking at the snow that I missed all week. I do have of view of I-75 out my room window. Traffic moved at a snail's pace for a really long time. BUT , both day and night the snow was lovely to look at.

Anyhoo, at 4:45 p.m. I had chills again. Then by 5 I was so hot and tired I cut my walk down the hall in half and made a b-line to the chair in my room. I've been here ever since and it is now 6:10 p.m. Please keep me in prayers. New development this evening, muscle spasms in my back. Trying to get my doc. to prescribe a muscle relaxer for me.

Yawl take care too. I am so missing my creative time. But as many of you may know a hospital room (esp. ICU) is not condusive to crafting.

Much Love and Thanks for Yor prayers,
Betty aka ZacksNana
Betty Stamps TX


Cheryl said…
oh hun hope you get better soon,thinking of you hugs cheryl xxxx
Myrt said…
Hi Betty:
I'm glad I thought of looking on your blog and to find you updating about your stay in the hospital. We miss you, dear friend. I hope as I am typing this, you have improved and perhaps close to going home.
Do take care and know I am thinking about ya!
Hugs, Marion
Anonymous said…
Hi Betty hope that you are improved soon we all miss you hugs Mary.
Stupid thing wont let me post under my Google acc. so I am being anonymous sorry about that :)
Ellis said…
Hope you're feeling better and that you are home by now!
Hugs, Elenor

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