Easter Basket - Zack's Class

Zackary attends St. Joseph's Catholic School in Bryan, TX. I as his Nana and the crafty one in the family, always make treats for Zack and his classmates for the holiday parties. Halloween and Christmas were really big productions. Valentine's Day found me in hospital. His mom made Beignets for Mardi Gras. We skipped St. Patty's Day as he is out for Spring break and visiting me now. That brings us to Easter. I ordered these clear acrylic carrots in February. So after Zack got here I sent my hubs into the local superK(roger) to purchase Jelly Belly Beans in bulk. Maybe that was a mistake - note to self, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans cost $6.49 per lb. in bulk. Hubs being hubs, he bought what he was told to buy. $44 and some change later we had 3 bags of Jelly Belly Beans - 2 tangerine and 1 green apple. Well, as is with kids, those 3 bags of jelly beans and those acrylic carrots drove Zackary a little cookee. So Tuesday morning we got up early, drove Poppa to work and buzzed over to Mrs. Sue's house for a play date, with the favor supplies in tow. Sue had some tangerine and some green curling ribbon so we were ready to rock this project out. Zack was in charge of the filling of the carrots (2 scoops of tangerine and one scoop of green apple), fold the tabs in and close. Sue cut the ribbons, I tied the ribbons on and Sue made the ribbons curl! Don't they look cute in this little basket!
T%dles Peeps!
Betty aka ZacksNana & Zack


Loz said…
Fantastic idea betty..Hugs.loz
Myrt said…
Awwww....Betty....what a darling idea for the kids.....and it sounds like you all had fun putting them together. TFS.
Cat said…
How adorable! Aren't grandkids great!

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