Sunday, March 11, 2012



I've been racking my brain to try to bring some new challenges to the table. So Thursday night and Friday, I stayed over at my friend, Deb's house. We played all night and all day!!!
So I was telling her I needed some new ideas and she asked me if I'd ever marbled. I told her I had done some marbling in the past ( way back). However, the more she talked, the more I realized we weren't speaking of the same technique. So that brings us to Challenge #136 - Marbling the Deb Segler way.

She said to use a marble and an old ice tray. Since I didn't have either I used an old acrylic brad package and a round bead. So either way, here's how you go:
1. In the container (ice tray or whatever) drops several drops of re - inker. I used Calypso Coral, Cherry Cobbler, Pool Party and Lucky Limeade.
2. Drop in your marble or bead.
3. Roll the marble or bead around in the ink.
4. Cut 1 piece of white cardstock 4" x 5.25".
5. Place the cardstock in a clean used meat tray or I used one half of my stamp cleaner witht he rough stuff taken out.
6. Drop the marble or bead onto the cardstock and keep moving the tray around rolling the marble/bead on the cardstock.
7. Keep up with process until you have the color as saturated as you like.
8. Clean the marble/bead.
9. If using an ice tray drop another color into another section of the tray.
10. Drop in the marble/bead and repeat steps 6 - 9. My suggestion is not to use more than 4 colors as it will muddy up the colors.

Now when I had completed the marbling process, my cardstock was still a little too white. So I spritzed it with a little bit of clear water. I gently blew on a little puddle and moved it around until I liked what I saw. Then I used my heat tool to dry and set the ink.

Now this is your background paper/cardstock. I put my peice through my "bug" with an embossing folder, matted it on a coordinating paper, added some embellies and ribbon. Voila!

Wanna see???

Well here ya go!

If you find this technique too labor intense just get some dsp and emboss it and upload your photo. But if you try this technique, I'd LOVE to see your creations!

Please tag your photos: pcpcuttlebug, pcpcuttlebug136, pcpcuttlebugers

Thanks and HAVE FUN!

Betty J Schaub


Loz said...

This is a stunning technique Betty. Thanks for the tutorial..Loz

Holly said...

I've done this type of marbling and while it's fun, it takes so long! I love the way yours turned out after spritzing it with water - that was a great idea you had!


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